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  • 1.  SRX320 VDSL Card - OID Issue

    Posted 06-06-2023 15:37

    Hello there,

    I am trying to  use SNMP to pull out the upload and download speed of some Juniper SRX 320 routers running Junos 21.3R1.9 .

    This is what I am trying to use SNMP to gether for a monitoring solution.

    > show interfaces extensive pt-1/0/0 | match bit
        Bit rate (kbps)   :                79999          0       20000          0

    The ifIndex of this inferface is 539 and when I run mib walk filtering out for anything to do with 539 I get thise information

    >show snmp mib walk 1 | match 539
    ifIndex.539   = 539
    ifDescr.539   = pt-1/0/0
    ifType.539    = 97
    ifMtu.539     = 1492
    ifSpeed.539   = 20000000
    ifPhysAddress.539 = 74 e7 98 84  92 2d
    ifAdminStatus.539 = 1
    ifOperStatus.539 = 1
    ifLastChange.539 = 17347
    ifInOctets.539 = 29758270
    ifInUcastPkts.539 = 495971
    ifInNUcastPkts.539 = 0
    ifInDiscards.539 = 0
    ifInErrors.539 = 1
    ifInUnknownProtos.539 = 0
    ifOutOctets.539 = 3070064
    ifOutUcastPkts.539 = 85974
    ifOutNUcastPkts.539 = 0
    ifOutDiscards.539 = 0
    ifOutErrors.539 = 0
    ifOutQLen.539 = 0
    ifSpecific.539 = 0.0
    +900 other lines
    Now I have managed to find the OID for the value of 20000 which is the upload speed. "ifSpeed.539   = 20000000" (  and I have succesfully pulled that into our monitoring solution and we can monitor the upload speed.
    What I am having trouble with is the other value "79999" that is the Download speed and I can not find any OID or MIB referencing that number on pt-1/0/0 and its something we really want to be able to use with out monitoring solution.
    Does anyone know how I can use SNMP to pull that data because a MIB / OID seems to just not exist for that value.


  • 2.  RE: SRX320 VDSL Card - OID Issue

    Posted 06-11-2023 07:39

    I'm not positive this method is the same on pt interfaces but this works on both ge and xe physical ones to hook bandwidth into monitoring by snmp using the discovered snmp if index for the interface.

    Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
    IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP - Retired)

  • 3.  RE: SRX320 VDSL Card - OID Issue

    Posted 06-13-2023 04:33

    Hi Luke,

    In principle it is possible to take any value that you see anywhere in a show command and put it in an OID. This can be done by using the Utility MIB and an event script that runs periodically to read the value and put it in the OID.

    Please see

    The sample script there is SLAX, but nowadays we can use Python as well, which you may prefer.

    To quickly test the Utility MIB feature itself, you can do like this:

    root> request snmp utility-mib set instance testing1 object-type integer object-value 10
    Utility mib result: successfully populated utility mib database

    root> request snmp utility-mib set instance testing2 object-type integer object-value 20
    Utility mib result: successfully populated utility mib database

    root> show snmp mib walk jnxUtilData ascii
    jnxUtilIntegerValue."testing1" = 10    <<<<<< yes, it works!
    jnxUtilIntegerValue."testing2" = 20    <<<<<< yes, it works!



    Casper Rijnders

  • 4.  RE: SRX320 VDSL Card - OID Issue

    Posted 06-13-2023 14:45


    I'm not sure if you asking to have MIB for a static number of DSL download links, that's set by ISP. 

    From what I can see the Zabbix Junos template also hasn't got one. Only the upload speed.  Picture attached.

    Don't you want the real download speed? Then you would need to look for ifHCInOctets and ifHCOutOctets keys. Also, depending you want to monitor the subinterface or physical interface.