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  • 1.  ScreenOS End-of-Life ?

    Posted 11-03-2009 23:52

    There are so many news about JUNOS and the vision for the next generation-network from Juniper. 


    Does anybody knows how long JUNIPER does develop and support  ScreenOS ?


    What is the internal roadmap for ScreenOS and which OS is the better one for Firewall / VPN at the moment ? 





  • 2.  RE: ScreenOS End-of-Life ?

    Posted 11-04-2009 01:41

    Check the following link , you may find something:






  • 3.  RE: ScreenOS End-of-Life ?
    Best Answer

    Posted 11-04-2009 02:11

    I''m not a juniper guy, so everything I state here is for my own account. I speak juniper guys a lot. Nobody at this point has a date for ScreenOS to go EOL. There's still a roadmap for developments. So ScreenOS is not dead!!


    But at this point you should look at your customer needs every time. Developments on SRX go faster. Having said that: the feature set on ScreenOS is still richer.  Also take in account experience with ScreenOS might be aivalable where JUNOS might be new. So training might be needed.


    In general: when there's no good reason to go for ScreenOS go JUNOS, that's where the future lies! 


  • 4.  RE: ScreenOS End-of-Life ?

    Posted 11-04-2009 10:00

    Hi Screenie,

    thank you for your opinion.

    I know that ScreenOS is alive at the moment. But I feel that the days for ScreenOS are counted. I came from IOS to ScreenOS long time before I knew who Juniper is. And so I'm  thinking until today that the best from Juniper is ScreenOS.


    I tried Junos too, but the feeling is not so good. I hate this CLI-hierarchy  and I can't migrate some clients without open problems to Junos.


    And so I can't not sell a new Juniper SSG with ScreenOS and the important feature "Convertible to JUNOS = No". This is not honesty to the clients.


    But thank you again for your words ... it helps me to find out what is the best way for me.


    May be I'll go back to Cisco / Checkpoint for Firewall / VPN.

    May be I'll try Junos again after I found it more friendly.






  • 5.  RE: ScreenOS End-of-Life ?

    Posted 08-15-2010 14:49

    I come from an IOS background too, and i agree it will be a real shame to lose ScreenOS 😞 and  ive only just started to get hands on with it !


    Let me get one thing straight - i won't be able to convert my SSG5 with ScreenOS to JUNOS ?


    it's still around for a while though so better make the most of it.




  • 6.  RE: ScreenOS End-of-Life ?

    Posted 08-15-2010 15:01

  • 7.  RE: ScreenOS End-of-Life ?

    Posted 08-21-2010 19:15



    Any SSG that ends with an M like SSG550M is capable of running Junos :).


    ScreenOS rules,  I hope they never kill it!!!!!!!!