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Invalid PCEP PCRpt message?

  • 1.  Invalid PCEP PCRpt message?

    Posted 05-28-2021 13:54
    This is for Junos: 19.4R3.11.

    I am getting a PCRpt message in PCEP whose object list is [SRP][LSP][ERO][BANDWIDTH][METRIC][LSPA][BANDWIDTH].

    Based on rfc8231, the [SRP] and [LSP] objects match their spots in <state-report>.  In <path>, the [ERO] matches <intended-path>; [LSPA][BANDWIDTH] match <intended-attribute-list>.  The issue is with the [BANDWIDTH][METRIC] in the middle; I believe they are meant to match <actual-attribute-list>.  However, there is no [RRO] object present to be <actual-path>.  Based on the grammar, either both <actual-path> and <actual-attribute-list> need to be present, or neither is present; it cannot be one without the other.

    Is my understanding correct and is this a bug?  Or is there something I'm missing.

    Todd Defilippi