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Inter Router VLAN Traffic Question

  • 1.  Inter Router VLAN Traffic Question

    Posted 02-15-2024 11:55


    We have a network that we'd like to split up between two SRX345 routers on our LAN.  The network currently is something like this (this is simplified):

    On the one router we have currently

    VLAN 50
    VLAN 57
    VLAN 1000
    VLAN 1100
    VLAN 1110
    VLAN 1120

    We like to split these VLANs between two routers so that:

    R1:  VLAN 50, VLAN 57, VLAN 1000
    R2: VLAN 1100, VLAN 1110, VLAN 1120

    At first, I thought about isolating these VLANs behind both routers and just enabling traffic between the two via static routes.  The only issue is that there are security policies governing each of these VLANs and what access they have to other VLANs.  If they're isolated then the security zone policies won't work anymore as all traffic will appear to be coming from a single source.

    I recently learned about inter-VLAN routing, and I'd like to ask if this would be a viable option to be able to preserve inter-VLAN security zone policies?

    If so, could someone point me in the right direction as to how to set this up properly?  I have delved some into the documentation, but I think it's always better to ask the advise of a more experienced person when you have little to none in a particular area.

    Thank you for your assistance.