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  • 1.  Dynamic VPN random disconnects

    Posted 03-18-2011 15:11
    Anyone else experiencing these problems? I'm using an SRX240 with 10.4R1.7, the connection will randomly just disconnect for no reason. I'd like to use the feature but it isn't looking so good, I'll look into upgrading to the latest firmware and see if that helps but I haven't seen much positive feedback on the latest release.

  • 2.  RE: Dynamic VPN random disconnects
    Best Answer

    Posted 03-21-2011 14:49

    Are you using Pulse or Access Manager?


    It could also be your Internet Connection and your VPN settings I don't get random disconnects that often sometimes they happen

  • 3.  RE: Dynamic VPN random disconnects

    Posted 03-22-2011 11:51

    I upgraded to 10.4R3.4 last night and switched over to Junos Pulse 1.0R5.1 and so far haven't experienced any problems, it also seems to be a lot better (I was having bad refresh time) using RDP but so far so good.