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  • 1.  COSMAN errors for sp-0/0/0 interface

    Posted 07-18-2023 15:43


    After a recent upgrade of an SRX340 to 21.4R3-S3.4 we started to observe repeated syslog messages every 30sec:

    fwdd_ifd_set_eff_bandwidth: can't find outq ifd entry for ifd sp-0/0/0
    /kernel: if_pfe_multiservice_ifdconfig_tlv: pfc_milisec_detection_interval 1000 if_pfe_multiservice_ifdconfig_tlv: pause_frame_threshold 10000 if_pfe_multiservice_ifdconfig_tlv: dump_via_mailbox 0 if_pfe_multiservice_ifdconfig_tlv: jb_scratch_pad_debug_flag 1
    cosman_compute_install_sched_params: Failed to get subunit b/w for sp-0/0/0
    COSMAN_FWDD: cosman_update_sched_policy_for_ifd:2929 updation of sched policy failed for ifd 155 (sp-0/0/0)
    COSMAN: media speed change cos policy update failed

    Similar logs are seen for every physical interface during the bootup, but only sp-0/0/0 seems to remain flooding the log.

    Anyone has an idea what is this about?

  • 2.  RE: COSMAN errors for sp-0/0/0 interface

    Posted 09-15-2023 17:06

    Also encountering same errors, and ones regarding JTASK:

    JTASK_CFG_CALLBACK_LONGRUNTIME: task_module_config: excessive runtime 5.0 during configuration of LLDP

    JTASK_CFG_SCHED_CUMU_LONGRUNTIME: task_module_config: excessive runtime (total of 5.1 in 0 callbacks) after configuration of LLDP

    JTASK_SCHED_SLIP: 5 sec scheduler slip, user: 0 sec 14467 usec, system: 0 sec, 16138 usec

    Were you able to fix these errors and did you encounter these ones too? I'm also using a SRX 340 but using version 23.1R1.8

    Damon Kwong