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Changing control-link tagged vlan

  • 1.  Changing control-link tagged vlan

    Posted 23 days ago


    We are facing a very specific problem: we have a cluster made of 2 members of SRX1500.

    Each SRX1500 are located in different datacenter, they are connected through 2 Cisco switchs (so not directly with a dedicated fiber).

    Everything was working perfectly, but the switch are old and we bought newer switchs to interconnect the SRX: the new switchs are Dell switchs.

    When we changed the connection between the SRX from the Cisco switch to the Dell one, the control-link didn't work anymore (the other links were ok).

    We tried to connect them back to the Cisco switchs and it went up.

    We also tried in our lab to interconnect 2 SRX with QFX switchs and it worked perfectly too.

    So, the problem is located on the Dell Swich: they seem no to support the ethertype 0x88b5 used by the SRX to provide the control-link traffic.

    So the workaround would be to activate the control-link vlan tag on the SRX, and use a vlan to provide the control-link traffic.

    Here is the other problem: the dedicated vlan for control-link seems to be the vlan 4094 on SRX, but this vlan is also reserved on Dell switch (for vlt purpose)...

    Here is my question: is it possible to change the control-link vlan, instead of using the vlan 4094 can we use another one?

    In our lab we tried to use another vlan, but it didn't work...

    If you have any other ideas of workaround it would be great too!

    Thank you for your help!