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Discover how to get the most of Juniper labs and share what you've built.


Discover how to get the most of Juniper labs and share what you've built.

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  • Ok, I'll have some folks dig into it this coming week. Art ------------------------------ Art StineArt Stine ------------------------------

  • Thank you for your reply. Logs are generated when I try to connect to PPPoE for the first time, but the PPPoE connection is not established ------------------------------ ATSU ------------------------------

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I was unable to connect even after changing the memory to 24GB.

  • Guessing you'd need to raise the issue with the JCL folks. Art ------------------------------ Art Stine ------------------------------

  • I will have someone look at it. Not sure what resource its complaining about, but maybe the memory sizing by default is too constraining for these features. As a start, try giving the VM more memory - the default we documented was for 5G, but that was ...

  • The architecture of vJunos-switch (and -router) is that the Junos control plane runs as a nested VM inside the Linux VM where the data plane is running. What is happening when doing the power off/reboot, etc inside the Junos CLI is that is only affecting ...

  • These license msgs should be advisory (ie, not enforced). Does the feature not work at all or is it just noisy when applying config? Art ------------------------------ Art Stine ------------------------------

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