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Virtual Switch on VMx unit

  • 1.  Virtual Switch on VMx unit

    Posted 03-03-2024 22:13


    I'm currently learning for JNCIS-SP certification Exam.  To studdy I'm using the Elearning stuff on web site and test my knowledge and what I understood on Juniper VLAB.  For the curent question I used the topology named "BGP - Multi-AS with Dual Route Reflectors" on which I'm erasing VMx router configuration and paste mine attache to this post.

    In this topology Vrr1 and Vrr2 will be used as host with one interface in either vlan 100 & 200.  I would expect VRR1 interface in VLAN 100 will be able to ping VRR2 interface in VLAN 100 .  Same as for VLAN 200 interface on either VRR unit. 

    Module #2 - Open Learning - Junos Service Provider Switching
    Topic #4 - Virtual Switches
    Second subject : "Working With Virtual Switches"

    Now using the following command :

    edit routing-instances virtual-switch

    set instance-type virtual-switch


    I'm expecting getting a routing-instance named "virtual-switch" type of "virtual-switch"

    But my case for some reason I'm getting the curent output

    The type of the instance named "virtual-switch" is not virtual-switch as expected but VPLS.
    According to the same course on page 8
    running command "run show bridge domain"
    should list all VLAN I had configured on the virtual switch, but I case I'm getting nothing.  I suppose I'm getting the default-bridge configuration result which haven't any VLAN information configured on it.  But how to get the bridge domain information of the virtual instance named "virtual-switch" ?  The information looks is not in the elearning document I I completely missed understood the concept in some way.
    Is someone can help me ?
    Actually other router aren't configured yet, I'm working most on these 4 routers.
    Also on VMX1 after trying to ping VRR2, I was expecting to see the MAC address of the source interface on the Ge-0/0/3 of VMX1 but I got nothing on the default switch, and VLAN 100 in virtual-instance "virtual-switch" do not contain any MAC Address.



    vRR1.txt   1 KB 1 version
    vmx2 v3.txt   2 KB 1 version
    vmx1 v3.txt   3 KB 1 version
    vRR2.txt   1 KB 1 version