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Discover how to get the most of Juniper labs and share what you've built.


Discover how to get the most of Juniper labs and share what you've built.

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  • Hello All, I am having so many hoops to jump through when setting up the virtual environment on EVE-NG. One of these issues is that interfaces are not coming back up on the vMX cluster, or when they do, for no reason decide to stop functioning. I have ...

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    SSH connection

    Hi, I have a question, I'm starting to work with Juniper and I'm having trouble SSH connection to the device. I am using 2 vSRX running on GNS3 and have created a network Host -> Switch-> Firewall I changed the operating mode of the device: set security ...

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    MX960 Memory Issue

    Here is a summary of our MX960 memory problems: Last November we had routing issues with the MX960 because it was very low on memory. To fix the immediate problem, we gave the 'set chassis memory-enhanced route' command, then rebooted each fpc ...

  • Hello, Great news! Vagrant 2.3.2 is now out and works with Virtual Box 7.0. Vagrant | HashiCorp Developer ------------------------------ Adan Vela ------------------------------

  • I've been tinkering with Vagrant via Virtual Box 7.0 and wanted to share this link Getting Vagrant 2.3 working with Oracle VM VirtualBox 7.0 BETA . This shows you how to manually set up vagrant to work. You can also just reinstall the 6.1 version. ...

  • Hello everyone, I am trying to use vLabs to see some working streaming telemetry data. There are plenty of resources that show examples of both dial-in and dial-out on Junos devices using third party collectors like Telegraf. The issue I am running into ...

  • Olá Mauro, Did you try using the next-table option on your static routes within the RI ? Please, look if this works for you: ...

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