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Discover how to get the most of Juniper labs and share what you've built.


Discover how to get the most of Juniper labs and share what you've built.

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  • Hello all, I am using the vJunos switch in GNS3 for some labbing. I ran into an issue where my switch wouldn't boot up after my laptop had been rebooted. I think the issue was that I was not running the command 'request system power-off' before shutting ...

  • Hi, I currently studdying for Junos certification exam. For my studdy process, I'm using Juniper VLAB to test my knowledge and what I understood. In the current issue, I'm trying to understand bridging process on MX platform. For this lab session, ...

  • ok thanks for your reply ------------------------------ Dhikra Marghli ------------------------------

  • Junos firewall filters are basically just a series of if/then statements. “IF the traffic matches these conditions, THEN take these actions”. Junos calls these if/then statements “terms”. The key is "Terms are evaluated in order" Term 1 says from {...} ...

  • i wait some one answer me Thanks ------------------------------ Dhikra Marghli ------------------------------

  • Hello please i want some one help me [edit firewall filter test ] term 1 { from { source-address {; } } then { log; next term; } } term 2 { then { reject ; } }How ...

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    Virtual Switch on VMx unit

    Hi, I'm currently learning for JNCIS-SP certification Exam. To studdy I'm using the Elearning stuff on web site and test my knowledge and what I understood on Juniper VLAB. For the curent question I used the topology named "BGP - Multi-AS ...

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