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Discover how to get the most of Juniper labs and share what you've built.


Discover how to get the most of Juniper labs and share what you've built.

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  • Have been configuring using the unchannelized, or at least not setting the channelized configuration. I will check Vignesh's response below, as the yml config doesn't match what I have in the EVE-NG. thanks. ------------------------------ SIMON ...

  • Thanks, I will check this. ------------------------------ SIMON BROOKS ------------------------------

  • I see you are using latest 23.2 image. Hope you are using the below yml config at EVE root@eve-ng:/opt/unetlab/html/templates/intel# ...

  • Are you running in channelized or unchannelized mode? And which release of vJunosEvolved? Art ------------------------------ Art Stine ------------------------------

  • Hello, Firing up the evo image for the first time, I used et-0/0/0 to start with, and nothing came up. Ran a wireshark and could see LLDP packets starting on et-0/0/4. Checked with further interfaces and continues to go up but not start at et-0/0/0 ...

  • It also looks like the notification to the hypervisor for the source interface also does not take place when the interface is shut down on the guest. As long as it is known expected behavior, both sides of the interface can be disabled in the guest devices ...

  • Ok, so its not just a matter of twiddling the host interface/bridge down/up - the hypervisor needs to be aware of the change. So using 'virsh' like this would down/up the interface: root@r2> show interfaces ge* terse Interface ...

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