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  • I noticed that both my SRX1500 and SRX345 firewalls running Junos version 21.4R3-S4.9; will only load 600K of my Ip List I have a global deny list that filters out all the bad IPs but noticed that both SRX failed to load the others feeds and loaded this ...

  • I am trying to setup an SSL reverse proxy using wildcard certificate (issued by GoDaddy) which is previously loaded using: request security pki local-certificate load certificate-id FIREWALL key certificate.key filename certificate.pem SSL Proxy configuration: ...

  • Yes we do ------------------------------ JOHN HARRISON ------------------------------

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    RE: Properly setup SkyATP with DNS Protection

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Do you have a Premium license? You can check your license type in the device listing on SkyATP portal.

  • I subscribe to SkyATP services for my SRX and am not sure I am using it to it's full protection. I need help setting up an SSL Proxy because most web traffic is SSL. I noticed so many request in my DNS server for from Brazil and Paraguay. ...

  • Yea - i don't know why you kept the "dynamic-applications any;" If you note from the config snippet I recommended trying, I had deleted that from your previous config. Glad it's working. Cheers, -Ben p.s. if you can, go back to original post ...

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  • from -zone untrust to -zone trust { policy server -access { match { source -address any ; destination -address port -83 ; dynamic-application any; } then { ...

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