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    RE: Properly setup SkyATP with DNS Protection

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous I would add log statement to the permit block to help w/ troubleshooting.

  • The article notes the ip address configurations that play into address selection. When interfaces are added or new ip addresses or configuration selections as primary noted, the default address chosen may change as a result. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello, Spuluka, Thank you for the quick response. If I understand correctly if I have in my configuration the "default-address-selection" configured the process of selecting the interface for all locally generated IP packets will be the one from the ...

  • This documentation outlines the process of choosing the source ip address. ------------------------------ Steve ...

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    SRX started using different IP for DNS?

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hello, The SRX650 firewall is configured with a policy based on dns names to be resolved to allow customer traffic to internet. Service is not working anymore and we noticed the firewall ...

  • AI already have this in my config profile dns-policy_Infected-Hosts { category Infected-Hosts; rule Rule-1 { match { threat-level 1; } then { ...

  • I am not able to copy and paste this in my config I get a commit error. Can you please give me the config settings to add to my config. Thank you ------------------------------ JOHN HARRISON ------------------------------

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