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  • Thanks, Steve, for your reply. I did get this to work by playing with the proposals. I appreciate your feedback. Paul ------------------------------ Paul Andreozzi ------------------------------

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    RE: IPSec VPN SRX300 to SSG5

    For troubleshooting vpn issues like this you would need to go through the tests and error messages in order. You start with confirming phase 1 and moving up to phase 2. Usually the responding side of the vpn as opposed to the initiating side will have ...

  • Hi All, I know most of this audience is full of very smart people. I am looking for any information on creating an IPSec VPN from a SRX running version 22.2R1.9 with a Juniper SSG5 running version I am not sure if these are incompatible ...

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    RE: SkyATP

    Okay, thanks. Because I've had it activated for a good week and I haven't seen any special upturns since the boxes were activated. On the J-Web part, SecIntel sends back blocking information with the info "cc_ip_data", will it be the same with the activation ...

  • Hi, As per im understand Pulse Secure client no longer support in SRX start some junos version. Thanks

  • Hey all, I'm configuring a new SRX300 and everything else is done except for the dynamic VPN users which will be using Pulse Secure. Looks like the syntax of the config has changed (again) and I'm struggling to find a good link describing what to ...

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    RE: SkyATP

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous You don't have to explicitly create rules for these feeds, srx will check against all feeds enabled on Sky. When you get a block, the SecIntel log message contains the feed that the block ...

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