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  • Hello , i tried both options , putting routing instance as well as source interface ( which belongs to PRODUCTION vr) i cant even resolve from PROD vr .

  • Can you try applying either of the command below: set system name-server source-address x.x.x.x or set system name-server routing-instance <routing-instance> Regards, ------------------------------ Brijil R -------- ...

  • Hi , It does not even work from Standard VR ,-PRODUCTION . This VR has interface which is connected to Internet . and dns resolution does not work from this VR also

  • The note that only the branch srx has this limitation is interesting. Perhaps if DNS still works from standard virtual router instances you could just create a routing instance called mgmt along with a mgmt zone and then assign the fxp.0 interface to ...

  • came accross a juniper articel which mentions that dns does not wrk from fxp in mgmt-junos vr SRX345 DNS query through fxp0 does not work when fxp0 belongs to routing instance mgmt_junos ( Tried many options with nat and allowed everything ...

  • Solved :) ------------------------------ Best regards Marek ------------------------------

  • Hi Nmap scan shows me open port 21 ftp I have deleted system services ftp and alg disable from configuration Why services ftp works and how to disable it? ------------------------------ Best regards Marek ------------------------------

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