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  • Hi guys, Quick question in my old ISG-2000 Netscreen I could give multiple public IPs the same internal NAT ip. On the SRX1500 it fails to commit saying there is an overlap. I have multiple domains pointing to the same Virtual Server ...

  • #5minutejunos Video: Channel Update - Elevate! Video hashtag: #channel_update-elevate Greetings 5minutejunos viewers and Elevate Community members! After 5 years and over 80 videos, I have finally decided to ...

  • Hi Andy, Explanation that "export config" can be found in EVE community cookbook page 98. Btw can u check internally the person that develop vSRX 3.0 that using version 22.4 what his make changes because starting from that version the existing "config-script" ...

  • Ok, got it. I'll lab this up once I get vJunosEvolved running in my instance of Eve and let you know what I find. ------------------------------ Andy Lapteff ------------------------------

  • Hi, Yes...If previously u have try EVE/PNET then u can see on vMX-VCP it have "" script. This script will use to make startup config or save the config that we have done. So in case the server has power trip then the config will not ...

  • Ah, I think I understand now. You are unable to save the config you create on vjunos switch/evolved, correct? ------------------------------ Andy Lapteff ------------------------------

  • Hi, The vJunos-switch or vJunosEvolved is too sensitive. If have power trip then all the config in there will be lost. But in vQFX it support startup-config feature. U can check on EVE / PNET that feature. Hope someone that expert in .yml can do ...

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