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Ask questions and share experiences about EX and QFX portfolios and all switching solutions across your data center, campus, and branch locations.

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  • Hello, Do you have any idea how to resolve this issue? I have two data-centers with same config, same qfx 5120- 48c model, same connections,junos OS. Bfd over bgp multi-hop However, in one data-center, random bfd session are stuck in init or ...

  • resolution:Upgrade Junos oS ------------------------------ CRISTIAN CHIRATCU ------------------------------

  • I found that it's direct. I've tested it also. Worked ------------------------------ CRISTIAN CHIRATCU ------------------------------

  • I have always understood (my experience is with EX3300 and EX3400) that it doesn't matter how you connect VC members to each other, as long as you use ports that are designated as "vc-ports". The switches will detect the topology and use it as discovered. ...

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    EX4100 VC cabling

    Hi, How should VC consisting of 3+ members (EX4100/EX4100-F) be cabled? With 2 VC ports per switch it was easy ;) But now there are 4 VC ports per switch. How to use them best? Still use loop topology or maybe mesh is possible? Kind regards, Pawel ...

  • Aha I understand what you mean. Never knew a snapshot on an external media could be used to bootstrap a switch? Are there any requirements for the external media or will the switch partition and format it itself? Can I also use this to revert to another ...

  • Sorry for not being clear enough. When you create the snapshot of the working EX this will have all the configuration of that device as a bootable image. So when the console defective switch boots to this image you then have the configured ip interfaces ...


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