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  • 1.  OSPF license for EX3400

    Posted 04-11-2024 17:02


    I have stacked  two EX3400 switch one is ex3400-24t and another is ex3400-48t and running ospf. Studently getting error after stacking member  1.All server's  eno2 interface  connected to member switch 1.Ports are switch are showing up but  eno2 interface on servers are showing down.

    I have not used ospf license .Is that license is mandatory to use?

    admin@ex3400> show virtual-chassis

    Preprovisioned Virtual Chassis
    Virtual Chassis ID: 8303.6c50.64a7
    Virtual Chassis Mode: Enabled
                                                    Mstr           Mixed Route Neighbor List
    Member ID  Status   Serial No    Model          prio  Role      Mode  Mode ID  Interface
    0 (FPC 0)  Prsnt    xxxxxxxxxx ex3400-24t     129   Master*      N  VC   1  vcp-255/1/0
                                                                               1  vcp-255/1/1
    1 (FPC 1)  Prsnt    xxxxxxxxxx ex3400-48t     129   Backup       N  VC   0  vcp-255/1/0
                                                                               0  vcp-255/1/1

    Please advice!!!