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Ask questions and share experiences about ACX Series, CTP Series, MX Series, PTX Series, SSR Series, JRR Series, and all things routing, including portfolios and protocols.

If you have a question or a use case, likely there are others who are experiencing or worked through the same thing. Don't hesitate to jump in and ask or share your knowledge! Post here or in the vMX community. 

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  • I have the following topology My issue is: The receiver ( ) reports group CE and RR have PIM join for all the 3 source subnets, but QFX10008 has only PIM join sourcing from, no sourcing from 10.146.32.x/24 ...

  • Are separate route reflector appliances best practice or is there alternative solutions you have used? We re-use MXs as our route reflectors. MX204s could be a good lower end cost RR if you already had them. You can achieve the same with a sufficiently ...

  • This problem occurs when the power loss boot/reboot corrupts the running primary disk partition and boot is not longer possible. As a result the device boots from the backup disk partition. The backup partition must be kept in sync with the primary ...

  • Hi Andrei, thank you for the message. Yes, I know both links, We have configured both inet and inet6 for LDP. And set the transport-preference to v6. The main issue here is the Juniper <> Nokia communication. Between Juniper <> Juniper ...

  • hello We faced eletrical shutdown on 2 ACX2200 wich caused a reboot of both of the equipments. During this reboot, the configuration automaticaly loaded by the equipement was and old and osbolete configuration and Junos software. you will have ...

  • to see 2 next hops for same destination in Juniper you have to create equal cost multiple path policy. set policy-options policy-statement ECMP then load-balance per-packet set routing-options forwarding-table export ECMP in your topology you did ...


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