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  • 1.  How to play?

    Posted 12-18-2008 04:45



    coming from the ScreenOS world I would really love to dig into the JUNOS world. Is there an affordable way for a stand alone guy without large money in the background to get hands on to something that runs JUNOS, especially the security features? I know the SSG320M and up can run JUNOS somehow, but what about the very small machines like the SSG5?


    I need to learn this, but I can't afford to put a high end machine on my home desktop... 🙂


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    Posted 12-18-2008 09:03

    The new, very low end JUNOS routers J23xx series will run both JUNOS and JUNOS ES. They are not quite @ the SSG5 firewall price but not to costly. If you work for a reseller in any way they can buy @ NFR (not for resale) pricing which is quite nice. If you don't work for one then befriend one 🙂


    There are some old Jseries routers out there on eBay but I am guessing that you want the ES capabilities.

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    Posted 12-18-2008 22:58

    that sounds great, thanks!


    so could I setup the J23xx as a firewall and "emulate" a SRX - at least on software level?



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    Posted 12-19-2008 08:46

    I would say "yes" with the obvious exception of the IDP component. I have yet to touch an SRX and keep hoping we will find that awesome customer that wants to trial one and I can sneak into my lab first. But that is yet to happen.


    The ES features are really nicely done in terms of the firewall capability was integrated into the router. Having just come off of a few weeks of studying for JNCIA-FWV my only frustration is trying to remember and keep track of two different command sets as I move between Screen-OS and JUNOS. I personally am a JUNOS bigot and love working with it.


    Have fun!

  • 5.  RE: How to play?

    Posted 12-19-2008 08:56
    sounds exciting. I just ordered an old 2300 🙂

  • 6.  RE: How to play?

    Posted 12-21-2008 16:15

    Sorry to break this to you. But the J2300 does not support JUNOS with enhanced services. The J23xx that others are referring to are for the J2320 and J2350. These models replaced the J2300 which was end-of-lifed earlier this year. 


    That said, the J2300 can still be used to familiarize yourself with JUNOS. But J2300 supports only the original packet-based JUNOS. So in terms of practicing for SRX and JUNOS with enhanced services, then this will be of limited value to you. 



  • 7.  RE: How to play?

    Posted 12-21-2008 23:07

    Wow.... thanks for pointing that out Richard. Going to cancel my order then. I hope I can get a 2320 for an equally good price.




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    Posted 12-22-2008 02:50

    One more thing... just talked to the distributor. They said, the 2300 could be made compatible by simply adding a larger CF card with more memory.


    Now I am confused. What's right?


  • 9.  RE: How to play?

    Posted 12-22-2008 10:18

    No, the J2300 does NOT support JUNOS with enhanced services. None of the first generation J-Series routers support it. That includes J2300, J4300 and J6300. Only 2nd gen platforms support JUNOS with enhanced services. That includes J2320, J2350, J4350 and J6350.


    Larger CF may be needed to upgrade to 9.1 through 9.3 versions of JUNOS. But there are two versions of JUNOS for J-Series. One is packet-based (junos-jseries image) and the other is JUNOS with enhanced services (junos-jsr image). The J2300 only supports junos-jseries image.



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    Posted 12-22-2008 22:52
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    Posted 05-17-2009 04:46

    You can have a look on the new branch-office SRX family: