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Use hostname and routing-instance as variables

Hi all, Trying to create a configlet that will allow me push some config based on hostname and routing-instance name. So this is a 2 part configlet that I'm trying to get together. Ex: Hostname: NA-B-COMPANY-PE or NA-C-COMPANY-RI or NA-C-COMPANY-RR1 (I have all) ...

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RE: new to automation, which language to choose

If you only want to learn one: Python Reality is more than one is needed: #Automation #Python

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Expert Advice: Junos PyEZ and Python Automation Scripts

Python is now the preferred language for programming devices running Junos OS. Junos PyEZ provides the framework that enables users to remotely manage and automate devices running Junos OS. Python is now fully supported on devices running Junos OS including a rich set of Python modules. Python...

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Script to reboot SRX at 95% CPU and above

Can somebody guide me how to write a script to issue a "request system reboot" at specific time, lets say 2 AM when CPU is constantly spiking and staying at 95% and above for more than 24 hours. I tried creating event-options and policy based on that but there is no event for high...

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Scripting How-To: Automation of dual-AD software upgrade

Automation of dual-AD software upgrade In a typical dual-aggregated Junos Fusion system software upgrade, a user needs to copy images to both aggregated devices and execute the software upgrade command. Consider a situation where each aggregated device has dual routing engines, and the...

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Network Automation Links: One-Stop Shop

Juniper has all sorts of tools and products that you can use to automate your network operations and orchestrate complex processes. Having all those resources at your disposal is great, but trying to find information about them all can be a little bit difficult at times. To make things a...

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FAQ: Where can I learn more about Chef?

Overview Chef is an automation software product used by IT teams to manage large scale deployments of complex compute resources (servers). Feature Chef is IT automation software that helps system administrators manage infrastructure throughout its lifecycle, from provisioning and...