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[Ansible] junos_get_config to get configuration with inheritance defaults values

Hello, For an automation purpose, I'm trying to reproduce the following command in Ansible: show configuration | display xml | display inheritance defaults But I can't find a way to have the inheritance defaults values in the retrieved configuration. For the moment, this what I...

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Orchestrating passwords with Ansible

I want to use an Ansible script to create/update a user's password. I'm trying 'junos config' and 'junos command' modules to issue 'set' commands. The 'encrypted-password' option needs a hash which I'm using python to create, but that's not working. I've read this page, https://kb...

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[Ansible]Module unable to decode valid JSON on stdin

Hi, I'm trying to run Ansible script to change the domain-name on SRX. basically, I'm testing it so that later can add more configuration but I ran into error. ("msg": "Error: Module unable to decode valid JSON on stdin. Unable to figure out what parameters were passed", ...

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Scripting How-To: Use custom templates or functions in my automation

Use Custom Templates or Functions You can use templates to help reduce errors with repetitive tasks. For example, Jinja2 is a convenient templating tool for Ansible and Python. You can use ERB templates in Ruby with Puppet and Chef. Using ERB templates, you can generate...

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Scripting How-To: Determine what code to automate

Determine What Code to Automate There are multiple ways to automate. A working example provides a template structure that you can quickly modify and customize for efficiency and effectiveness. Version control enables you to use a working example, tweak it little by little, and then run...

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Scripting How-To: Use Ansible to generate and apply Junos configuration

Use Ansible to Generate and Apply Junos Configuration This example demonstrates how to use Ansible to generate and apply Junos configuration to the EX, MX, QFabric, QFX, and SRX Juniper platforms. The configuration generated enables system basics such as TACACS+ authentication, NTP,...