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  • Is there a way to limit maximum clients on an SSID per AP? e.g. not more than 30 clients associated to an SSID per Mist AP? ------------------------------ JACK LAN ------------------------------

  • Tip of the week! Want to send messages to others in your community? Here’s how to use the Juniper Elevate Message functionality: Think of your messages/inbox as your notifications. It is the place where you can see all the activity related directly ...

  • it definitely is strange. And yea makes sense to only run trace (and be tight in what you enable) when you're looking for something because It does peg the processor. And agreed the DHCP/DNS/RADIUS issues definitely sounds like a traffic issue not specific ...

  • I *DID* have trace options enabled, but they didn't show anything and JTAC told me to turn them off to lower switch CPU usage on the EX2300s - their theory was that the switch was experiencing a brownout due to pegging the processor. While processor usage ...

  • Have you tried setting trace options on the switches to up the logging level? Especially if you have some locations that this happens consistently or more often. Where is your authentication server? What does your SLE data say during that time? If it's ...

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