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  • If I need to establish eBGP with a remote site, but I have no information about which my local address the remote site is using. Can I assume the remote site is using either my loopback address or the direct interface address facing to the remote site, ...

  • Hello, I am not sure of the interpretation of those commands: set protocols ldp interface xe-0/3/0.0 set protocols ldp interface xe-2/0/0.0 set protocols ldp interface xe-2/0/3.0 set protocols ldp interface all disable Does it mean ldp is disable for ...

  • thanks so so much. That export policy causes the issue. It has a reject at last. After I removed it, it worked fine. thanks a lot again !!

  • Yes. R1 peers with R2 with its loopback R1 also advertises in BGP via export policy. R2 has a static route pointing to for BGP. I assume R2 would advertise to R3 if I use advertise-inactive. ...

  • I do not have any export policy. is the loopback interface in R1, R2 has a static route pointing to for BGP. R1 advertises in BGP. I assume R2 will advertise to R3 if I use advertise-inactive. ...


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