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  • thanks a lot !! What I do not fully understand from the explanation above is "set protocols ospf area area-range restrict". 1. I thought the loopback IPs are advertised via ospf for them to be reachable to each other for GRE establishment. ...

  • area-range is used for summarization and controlling routes between two areas, on ABR. please see below resources from Juniper. (Area border routers only) For an area, summarize a range of IP addresses when sending summary link advertisements (within ...

  • Hi TRFL, this could be a number of things. lets start by verification of a few things. is BGP between R1<->ISP1 established? is R1 advertising and receiving routes from ISP1? show route advertising-protocol bgp <isp1-ip> show route receiving-protocol ...

  • glad I was able to help :)

  • thanks a lot !! Good information.


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