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ACX's & MX Series Midplane Revision

  • 1.  ACX's & MX Series Midplane Revision

    Posted 04-08-2024 06:22

    Is there any documentation that I can refer in the cases that the Revision of the Midplane can affect the configuration of a clients network ? 

    What we know so far is that the Part number will change if the Midplane revision is higher

    One example: 

    When the revision is higher than REV28 the Part Numbers tend to be different than the original 

    1- Is the Revision of the Midplane a requirement for High-end Net Configuration ?

    2- Where can I find Doc. or PR to refer for Midplane Revision Cases ?

    3- From the HW side is there any critical detail that can affect the client side when the Part Number remains the same but still the Midplane Revision is different ?

    Hope can receive some feedback 

    Thanks in advance

    Francisco Jose Rojas Escobar