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SRX and dynamically support legacy/UEFI PXE

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  • 1.  SRX and dynamically support legacy/UEFI PXE

    Posted 03-01-2021 19:39

    I have legacy PXE configured and things work fine. My SRX 240 running 12.3X48 is using JDHCP and I have 2 pools where I define
    dhcp-attributes {
        boot-file /syslinux/lpxelinux.0;
        boot-server <PXE server IP>;
        tftp-server <PXE server IP>;

    Each pool's PXE server IP is in different subnets. They point to the same Linux server with 2 interfaces and I have some PXE configuration that provides different menus based on the IP address of a client.

    I would like to support UEFI PXE as well as legacy dynamically but am not sure how to do this. Many websites recommend the use of isc-dhcp-server or dnsmasq where they inspect DHCP options 93/60 and send the appropriate PXE boot file.

    Is it still possible to continue using the SRX's JDHCP and pass option 93 (Client System Architecture) and 60 (Vendor Class Identifier) to my PXE server and rely on isc-dhcp-server/dnsmasq to determine which boot file to send to the client?

    Or would I be forced to no longer use the SRX for DHCP and use another system?