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Anycast advertisement

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  • 1.  Anycast advertisement

    Posted 03-29-2018 06:15


    We are now running local tests on our network in advance of testing in situ in 2 weeks time and everything is going well..... But, we are in the process of building our DNS servers and have stunbled across an issue that I cannot get to work:


    On the SRX1500 I have created a routing-instance for the DNS server and can ping the physical interface of the DNS from anywhere in the network.... great..... But, and here is the issue, we also have a different network configured for the Logical "Anycast" addressing on the DNS.... now, I don't really know anything about anycast and I am not configuring the DNS, that is the system guys, but I have configured the following on the SRX:


    Anycast addresses: and .2 / 29

    Physical address: /30 - DNS

    Physical address: - SRX Address


    set routing-options static route next-hop

    set policy-options policy-statement export-statics term 1 from protocol static

    set policy-options policy-statement export-statics term 1 then accept

    set routing-instances ninegroup-dns protocol isis export export-statics


    I expected this to show up in the routing table but it does not. 


    Anyone know how I can get this to route to the anycast addressing correctly please?

  • 2.  RE: Anycast advertisement
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    Posted 04-04-2018 01:21

    This issue has been resolved.


    For reference to anyone else searching....


    The DNS server was sending IS-IS messaging as Point-to-point.... this is obviously not correct. I do not know what file needed editing as I am not the systems guy.... but, we can now ping the DNS Anycast addressing from the whole network. There is one small issue that I need to ask about but I think that is more BGP related and will ask in the routing section.