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SRX4600 EoL

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  • 1.  SRX4600 EoL

    Posted 02-23-2020 10:58

    Does anyone know when the SRX4600 hardware goes EoL / EoS?


  • 2.  RE: SRX4600 EoL
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    Posted 02-23-2020 13:41

    That is definitely not decided yet... but if you look at the other platforms, they usually have a 7-8 year lifespan after introduced in the pricelist. Eg. SRX3400 introduced in 2009 and went end of sale in June 2017.


    Remember that the platforms will still be supported 5 years after end of sale.


    SRX4600 was introduced in the pricelist back in November 2017 so I would expect it to have many years ahead before being announced end of sale in favour of newer platforms.