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vSRX scsi & IDE ova image difference

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  • 1.  vSRX scsi & IDE ova image difference

    Posted 08-09-2016 22:25

    There are two vSRX OVA files available for download, 

    a) scsi and other one b) Ide 


    What is the difference between these two (except hard disk interface) in terms of performance, working behavior? As normal SRX appliance uses IDE interface for its Routing engine. 


    Which one is more stable? any recommendation?







  • 2.  RE: vSRX scsi & IDE ova image difference
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    Posted 08-10-2016 05:13

    I would say zero difference in general. SCSI is generally faster but we are talking about virtualized controllers so there would not be any difference in performance as its your underlying storage that does the I/O. However there might be difference in the drivers that is included in the vSRX OS.  Don't really understand why Juniper is releasing both, could be compability not sure.

  • 3.  RE: vSRX scsi & IDE ova image difference

    Posted 12-07-2017 21:53

    Hello Suresh,


    There is no difference between the two in terms of performance or stability from the vSRX perspective.


    Here are the guidelines:

    IDE OVA - media-vsrx-vmdisk-15.1X49-D120.3.ide.ova - Used in most VMware deployments
    SCSI OVA - media-vsrx-vmdisk-15.1X49-D120.3.scsi.ova - Use in VMware deployments that require SCSI vDisk support, for example, deployments that include network-attached storage (NAS).


    I suggest that if you are not sure check with the VMware admin.