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  • 1.  Migrating SRX100H2 to SRX300

    Posted 04-26-2018 02:34

    I have a really old SRX100H2 firewall. I would like to migrate to SRX300.

    Is the migration as easy as exporting and importing the config?


    Some migration tips would help greatly.


    Thank you very much.


  • 2.  RE: Migrating SRX100H2 to SRX300

    Posted 04-26-2018 03:06

    Unfortunately you cannot copy the configuration there are a number of differences.


    1-SRX100 is fe interfaces and the SRX300 series are ge interface

    2-there is a major change in how layer 2 configurations work.  Junos has merged the MX version of layer 2 into the SRX chain.  The new system is called ELS (enhanced layer 2 services).  Here is the documentation on getting started with the changes.



  • 3.  RE: Migrating SRX100H2 to SRX300

    Posted 04-26-2018 03:12

    Thanks for the guide. To simplify it further, do I use the ELS translator tool to translate my old configuration, from there, manually checked if the translated configuration is correct?

  • 4.  RE: Migrating SRX100H2 to SRX300
    Best Answer

    Posted 04-26-2018 17:28

    Yes that would work.  I didn't mention the ELS translator because I was not able to reach it and wasn't sure if that was just a permission change or if the tool was no longer public.


    Also note the interface name changes across all services in the configuration as well.