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  • 1.  SRX, JUNOS 9.6, and DNS-Proxy

    Posted 08-08-2009 13:57

    Hey all,


    I'm rolling out a new site and would like to use the SRX to proxy DNS for the client systems. From what I can tell, it is no longer an option (nothing in the docs and it is missing under system -> services). Oddly enough, you can permit DNS in the zone servces filter.


    There is one unanswered post in the JUNOS forum asking the same about 9.4 ES.


    Anyone know if DNS-proxy is gone for good, broken, or just AWOL?





  • 2.  RE: SRX, JUNOS 9.6, and DNS-Proxy
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-11-2009 00:02

    Glenn -


    No DNS-Proxy today on the SRXs - but check with your Juniper Account team because I believe this is on the road map.


    Good luck!

  • 3.  RE: SRX, JUNOS 9.6, and DNS-Proxy

    Posted 08-11-2009 05:31

    It's always "on the road map" isn't it?  🙂


    Thanks for the info, I'll talk to my account rep.



  • 4.  RE: SRX, JUNOS 9.6, and DNS-Proxy

    Posted 05-05-2010 08:51



    Is there any news on DNS Proxy? Is it available now?