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SRX logs are not showing locally in the monitoring

Hello, I'm not able to see logs in my J-web even though I configured event mode and a file, I'm seeing the image I attached it the J-Web and below is my configuration root@SRX-1# show security log ( mode event; ) root# show system syslog archive size 100k...

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How to skip the Junos Initial setup wizard

Hello, Every time i access the srx via its IP in the browser i get the setup wizard. I only want to access to check the logs. How can I skip the wizard? I tried this: root@SRX# delete system autoinstallation delete-upon-commit but it didn't work. thanks in...

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"Not Found" for "", file "": Page Not Found

after upgrading our clustered srx-240 we can not access the jweb anymore keep receiving the error: default:1 pool.1 Error: 404 "Not Found" for "", file "": Page Not Found anybody seen this before? #Error #jweb