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LAG Multiple switch stacks into a single LAG

We currently have construction on our campus and the crews accidentaly damaged our fiber lines to the buildings on the other side of the construction. I have a pair of EX4500s as our core connected to the outlying switches with a LAG. I have dark fiber available using another route and I would...

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EX4500 LAG to Cisco 6506

Hi all, I'm trying to get an EX4500s to talk L2 trunk to a Cisco 6506 over a pair of 1G Ethernet optics via a port-channel (po10) and LAG (ae1) so that I have redundancy and more bandwidth. I have locked down the negotiation, as seems prudent when dealing with two vendors. The inertfaces on...

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RE: ae interface missing on EX4500

Kevin, Thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious. ae interfaces are up and running. Thanks, Will #ae0 #Error #ex4500 #11.1 #JUNOS

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ae interface missing on EX4500

Hello, I have an ae interface setup on an EX4500. However when I do a run show interfaces terse it does not show up. When I try show interfaces ae0 terse the following error pops up: error: device ae0 not found. Has anyone come across this in Junos 11.1R1.10? Thanks, Will #JUNOS #11.1...

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show system switchover command missing in 11.1R1

I'm setting up a pair of new EX4500es in a VC. Attempted to configure GRES, but the status command that used to work in earlier versions, and that is clearly documented in the Junos OS 11.1 High Availability Configuration Guide , does not work: (master:0) root@cs1-osl2> show...

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EX4500 error on inital login

Hello, I just unboxed my first EX4500. When logging in for the first time I was presented w/ the following message. The file doesn't really say what the package installed is or why it has limited support. Does anyone have any insight to this, or if I should be concerned about this? --...