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RE: EX2300 running 18.1R3.3. not able to change speed for DAC connector on XE ports

A DAC cable is essentially SFP's with cable built in. SFP's are set to a particular speed in hardware. I'm not aware of any way to change this (in any vendor). I'm also not aware of any 1G DAC cables. You could buy 1G SFPs and run fibre or copper cables. #DAC #speed #SFP

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Configuration Assistance - QFX10008 to EX4300 using JNP-QSFP-DAC-5M

Hi all, I'm trying to connect a QFX10008 to an EX4300 switch using a Passive DAC as uplink port and not as vcp. I already found out that the default behavior for a 4x40G pic in the EX4300 is configured as VCP I removed the VCP ports and configured et port, and show interfaces shows the...