New Cisco CCNA to JNCIA-Junos Migration Course

  • 1.  New Cisco CCNA to JNCIA-Junos Migration Course

    Posted 12-03-2018 14:24

    Do you have a Cisco CCNA and but still haven’t become JNCIA-Junos certified? Well we have the course for you. Our new Cert Prep: Migrating from the Cisco CCNA to the JNCIA-Junos eLearning course helps you learn the fundamentals of Junos. It is designed to help those network engineers who may have a CCNA—or equivalent knowledge learn the architecture and CLI of the Junos OS needed on the journey to JNCIA-Junos certification.


    The course uses light board videos and discussion to cover Junos fundamentals, the Junos UI, basic configuration, routing fundamentals, routing policy, firewall filters, and monitoring—all while comparing and contrasting similar activities with Cisco IOS.


    The course is free and available on Junos Genius*. Get Started!




    * If you don’t have a Junos Genius account, you will need to create one. There is so much cool stuff in Junos Genius, how could you not have one already??