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When was the last time you upgraded your SRX?

  • 1.  When was the last time you upgraded your SRX?

    Posted 12-01-2022 12:50
    SRX upgrade path

    Elevate Community & Juniper Customers:

    Here at Juniper, we recognize upgrading your SRX can be a challenging and delicate process. For this reason, we developed the SRX Upgrade Guide documentation to assist you. This guide has you covered from what steps to take before considering an upgrade to how to best leverage new features in the upgrade and all of the questions in between.

    The current guide captures the migration from 15.1X49 to 19.4 or 20.2R3 and will soon be updated to include the path and updates to 20.4R3 or 21.2R3. Find the guide here: Juniper SRX Upgrade Guide.

    From features to performance improvements that span the entire platform or provide a better user experience, there are many reasons to take a look at what our current Junos versions have to offer and see if now is the right time to take advantage of these improvements.

    • Performance improvements of 30% on average depending on application or traffic mixes.
    • Encrypted Traffic Insights: Analyzes encrypted traffic to detect threats without decrypting, which means privacy and security are no longer at odds.
    • Adaptive Threat Profiling: Uses your existing infrastructure to create security intelligence feeds based on real-time events happening on your network. You have the flexibility to take action against emerging threats as they are detected.
    • Unknown Application Packet Capture: Custom applications are an unavoidable part of almost every enterprise network and can be difficult to identify and control. This new feature helps you quickly capture and analyze traffic automatically for these applications to gain insights, create signatures, and analyze for threats.

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to JTAC.

    Mike Spanbauer
    +1 9169606113