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  • 1.  Web-management option not available

    Posted 07-01-2022 11:22

    Dear community, 

    I have successfully deployed a vMX appliance using EVE-NG and I want to enable web-management however the option does not seem to be available in the configuration set.

    root# set system services we
    syntax error.
    root# set system services ?
    Possible completions:
    <[Enter]> Execute this command
    + apply-groups Groups from which to inherit configuration data
    + apply-groups-except Don't inherit configuration data from these groups
    > database-replication Database replication configuration
    > dhcp-local-server Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server configuration
    > extensible-subscriber-services Extensible Subscriber Services Configuration
    > extension-service Enable JUNOS extension services
    > finger Allow finger requests from remote systems
    > flow-tap-dtcp Configure DTCP-based Flow-tap service
    > ftp Allow FTP file transfers
    > netconf Allow NETCONF connections
    > outbound-ssh Initiate outbound SSH connection
    > packet-triggered-subscribers Packet Triggered Subscribers configuration
    > resource-monitor Resource monitor configuration
    > rest Allow RPC execution over HTTP(S) connection
    > service-deployment Configuration for Service Deployment (SDXD) management application
    > ssh Allow ssh access
    > static-subscribers Static Subscriber Client configuration
    > subscriber-management Subscriber management configuration
    > subscriber-management-helper Subscriber management helper configuration
    > telnet Allow telnet login
    > tftp-server Enable TFTP file transfers
    > xnm-clear-text Allow clear text-based JUNOScript connections
    > xnm-ssl Allow SSL-based JUNOScript connections
    | Pipe through a command

    What I'm doing wrong? vMX is running JunOS 17.2R1.13

    root> show version
    Model: vmx
    Junos: 17.2R1.13
    JUNOS OS Kernel 64-bit  [20170523.350481_builder_stable_10]
    JUNOS OS libs [20170523.350481_builder_stable_10]
    JUNOS OS runtime [20170523.350481_builder_stable_10]
    JUNOS OS time zone information [20170523.350481_builder_stable_10]
    JUNOS network stack and utilities [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS modules [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS mx modules [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS libs [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS OS libs compat32 [20170523.350481_builder_stable_10]
    JUNOS OS 32-bit compatibility [20170523.350481_builder_stable_10]
    JUNOS libs compat32 [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS runtime [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Simulation Package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS py extensions [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS py base [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS OS vmguest [20170523.350481_builder_stable_10]
    JUNOS OS crypto [20170523.350481_builder_stable_10]
    JUNOS mx libs compat32 [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS mx runtime [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS common platform support [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS mx libs [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS mtx Data Plane Crypto Support [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS daemons [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS mx daemons [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services URL Filter package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services TLB Service PIC package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services SSL [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services Stateful Firewall [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services RPM [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services PTSP Container package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services PCEF package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services NAT [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services Mobile Subscriber Service Container package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services MobileNext Software package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services Logging Report Framework package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services LL-PDF Container package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services Jflow Container package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services Deep Packet Inspection package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services IPSec [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services IDS [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS IDP Services [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services HTTP Content Management package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services Crypto [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services Captive Portal and Content Delivery Container package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services COS [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS AppId Services [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services Application Level Gateways [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Services AACL Container package [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Extension Toolkit [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS jfirmware [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]
    JUNOS Online Documentation [20170601.185252_builder_junos_172_r1]


  • 2.  RE: Web-management option not available

    Posted 07-04-2022 03:49
    Hi Sebastian,

    This command what you are looking for:

    set system services web-management https system-generated-certificate




  • 3.  RE: Web-management option not available

    Posted 07-04-2022 05:01
    While technically correct, this does not answer OP's question.

  • 4.  RE: Web-management option not available

    Posted 07-04-2022 05:13
    Hi Smicker,

    Sorry it was too early and I missed the version number.

    As I remember at 17.x junos you don`t need any special command to access vMX J-web, just simply add fix IP address to the management port and connect a linux / windows host to it.
    My eve server is not running at the moment so I`m unable to check it.