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vSRX with VPLS crash network

  • 1.  vSRX with VPLS crash network

    Posted 11-30-2022 15:11

    we've deployed a vSRX to test some VPLS scenarios.
    Currently it seems to be working between a SRX320 and the vSRX if we are only using a seperate vSwitch on the vSRX.
    If we change the interface to a productive vSwitch all configured vlans are unreachable.
    It seems like to be a loop configured - but we were unable to find it.

    Currently we are using this configuration:
    root@FW-02# show routing-instances
    VPLS {
    protocols {
    vpls {
    site SITE02 {
    site-identifier 2;
    interface ge-0/0/1.601;
    interface ge-0/0/1.605;
    interface ge-0/0/1.614;
    instance-type vpls;
    vrf-target target:100:100;
    root@FW02# show interfaces ge-0/0/1
    description "VPLS INT";
    encapsulation extended-vlan-vpls;
    unit 601 {
    vlan-id 601;
    unit 605 {
    vlan-id 605;
    unit 614 {
    vlan-id 614;


    Can you please help?

    Best Regards