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VPN's with PPPOE/SOGEA lines

  • 1.  VPN's with PPPOE/SOGEA lines

    Posted 01-25-2023 01:57
    Hello everyone,
    I am trying to install a new SRX into a customer site and whilst I can get the majority of services working I am unable to get any RAVPN's set up. The customer sites Internet connection is a pppoe connection so it has a username and password with 1 static IP assigned to it. The line comes in on a DSL RJ11 cable and not an RJ45 so I don't believe we can plug it straight into the SRX300. To get Internet access working I have plugged a draytek router in between and put it into bridge mode with the IP details set on the draytek and then on the SRX I have adding in the PPP details and the firewall has Internet access now.

    The problem is when doing my JSC config there is no option to set the external interface to the PPP Interface where the Internet comes in as there is no IP set on the interface and the only static on site is being set on the draytek. Is there a way around this or would getting a 2nd static IP on site help the situation? 

    Thank you,