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  • 1.  uRPF on EX4200

    Posted 09-28-2011 05:04

    The documentation says that enabling uRPF on one interface enables it on all interfaces.  However, it discusses enabling it on an actual interface and not an RVI.  Can I enable it on just a subset of RVIs without affecting traffic on others?  During initial testing, I see that when I enable it on a single RVI, it does not appear to be enabled on the other one in my switch:


    root@ex4200-1# run show interfaces vlan  
    Physical interface: vlan, Enabled, Physical link is Up
      Interface index: 129, SNMP ifIndex: 508
      Type: VLAN, Link-level type: VLAN, MTU: 9216, Speed: 1000mbps
      Device flags   : Present Running
      Link type      : Full-Duplex
      Link flags     : None
      Current address: 28:c0:da:38:90:c0, Hardware address: 28:c0:da:38:90:c0
      Last flapped   : Never
        Input packets : 93924
        Output packets: 35813

      Logical interface vlan.1 (Index 67) (SNMP ifIndex 600)
        Flags: SNMP-Traps 0x0 Encapsulation: ENET2
        Input packets : 92215
        Output packets: 35074
        Protocol inet
          Flags: None
          Addresses, Flags: Is-Preferred Is-Primary
            Destination:, Local:,
        Protocol iso
          Flags: Is-Primary, User-MTU

      Logical interface vlan.1300 (Index 97) (SNMP ifIndex 613)
        Flags: SNMP-Traps 0x0 Encapsulation: ENET2
        Input packets : 0
        Output packets: 5
        Protocol inet
          Flags: User-MTU, uRPF
          Addresses, Flags: Is-Preferred Is-Primary
            Destination: 192.168.1/24, Local:, Broadcast:


    Is this giving me all the information here?  I'm running 10.4R4.5 at the moment.


  • 2.  RE: uRPF on EX4200
    Best Answer

    Posted 09-28-2011 06:32




    On EX3200 and EX4200 switches, unicast RPF is enabled globally on all switch interfaces once you

    enable it on any interface.


    Good description:



    Note in frame says:

    Enabling unicast RPF explicitly on only one interface ...  The drawback to this approach is that the switch displays the flag that indicates that unicast RPF is enabled only on interfaces on which unicast RPF is explicitly enabled, so even though unicast RPF is enabled on all interfaces, this status is not displayed.


    Disabling unicast RPF:  http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/en_US/junos10.4/topics/task/configuration/unicast-rpf-ex-series-disabling-cli.html


  • 3.  RE: uRPF on EX4200

    Posted 09-28-2011 06:47

    +1 for my reading comprehension.