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  • 1.  Upgrade EX4600 from release 14.1 to 21.4

    Posted 24 days ago

    Hello Team,

    I am planning to upgrade some Juniper EX4600 switchs from version 14.1X53-D42.3  to 21.4R3.

    I have a few questions and would appreciate any guidance or recommendations you can provide:

    1.  Is it necessary to upgrade through intermediate versions, or can I directly upgrade from 14.1 to 21.4R3? If intermediate versions are required, which ones should I use?

    2.  Are there any specific points or known issues I should be aware of during this upgrade process?

    3.  What best practices or recommendations can you share to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Best regards,


  • 2.  RE: Upgrade EX4600 from release 14.1 to 21.4

    Posted 21 days ago

    When doing upgrades on Junos there are limits to how many major and minor versions you can jump so there would be intermediate steps in your case.

    To determine the exact path you would need to start by reviewing the release notes of the final version.  This will provide the maximum version upgrade for this final jump.  This is generally 3 major versions with a dot 4 release.  Likely coming from 19.4 or 19.3.

    Then repeat the process again going down from each version until the overlap reaches the current version.

    Some of these versions may no longer be available on the public download site.  so a support ticket would need to be opened to get the needed install files if you don't already have them from previous upgrades.

    Another alternative is you could directly install any version on a Junos device using the format option from a USB boot.  However, this formats the internal drive and erases all current configuration.

    So you would need to copy the current configuration off the device and save it first.  Then copy it back onto the device after the format install.  I've used this method by copying out the file from the config folder then after the format install copy it back into the new config folder as rollback 1 and applying that config.

    Obviously you would need physical access to the device during this process as you need to boot to the usb for the install and get a factory default configuration with console access being simplest.

    Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
    IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP - Retired)