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  • 1.  tag two VLANs to ge-0/0/1 in SRX320.

    Posted 06-24-2022 05:46
    Hi All,

    I need to tag two VLANs to the GE-0/0/1 port of the SRX 320for the incoming untag packet. A sample diagram is attached herewith. 
    I tried with following configurations on the juniper site Configuring Q-in-Q Tunneling and VLAN Q-in-Q Tunneling and VLAN Translation | Junos OS | Juniper Networks.

    native-vlan-id 600;
    input-native-vlan-push enable;
    encapsulation extended-vlan-bridge;
    unit 102 {
    vlan-id 102;
    input-vlan-map {
    tag-protocol-id 0x8100;
    vlan-id 102;
    output-vlan-map pop;

    But I couldn't be able to achieve the requirement. 
    Anyone got an idea how to do this in the SRX 320 or Is it possible to do it in the SRX 320. Kindly Advice.
    If you have an idea of how to do this please share the sample configuration or a link.
    sample diagram


  • 2.  RE: tag two VLANs to ge-0/0/1 in SRX320.

    Posted 06-25-2022 05:50
    Looks like q-in-q is not supported on the srx320 model.

    Feature explorer here lists the devices and junos version requirements for this


    Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
    IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP - Retired)

  • 3.  RE: tag two VLANs to ge-0/0/1 in SRX320.

    Posted 06-27-2022 07:38
    Hi Puluka,

    Our Team members have tested the Q in Q tunneling on SRX320 in the UAT. 
    Junos: 20.4R3.8

    Do you have any idea regarding this? And is there any way to tag 2 VLANs to an untagged port?  
    As above the attached diagram I need to tag two VLANs to the packet which is coming from the PC. Is there any way to do that? Kindly advice.