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  • 1.  Subscriber Demonstration

    Posted 11-15-2022 12:22
    I have MX204 PPPoE customers over 1800 located in different sites. I can extract the count manually and individual site through the command "show subscriber vlan-id 9002 | count". But I need to make a Table extracting output from different vlans and the status will be automatically updated if any customers go down. Does anyone have any idea how can I accomplish it?

    Muhammad Latif

  • 2.  RE: Subscriber Demonstration

    Posted 11-16-2022 13:28
    You can probably use onboard scripting for this. If you know your way around Python, this should not be too tricky. I'm afraid I cannot give you an example, but at least a link:

    An event script might also be handy. This way you can trigger a script whenever a PPPoE goes down, as long as it is written to a log.

    With an SNMP script, you can even have the MX "publish" the number of active users as an OID (SNMP parameter) so it is readable with SNMP from i.e. an NMS.