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  • 1.  SSG140 Firmware

    Posted 04-04-2024 11:26

    We have 2 SSG140 Firewalls that are used for an internal task, one of them appears to have failed upon a power failure/reboot. From what we can see, it looks like it gets to the boot loader and the image is corrupted and needs reloaded. Our IT Manager, due to health reasons is no longer with us, and we are unable to find the 6.3.0 firmware for this device to reload it. As this device is at EOL we are unable to get/have a service contract and are unable to download the firmware from the Juniper download site. We were advised that we can attempt to get the firmware form a 3rd party supplier, but that there was nothing Juniper could do.

    Does anyone know of a 3rd party supplier/retailer that has the firmware for an SSG140? Any other suggestions or resources? While I would love to replace this firewall with an SRX as we have been able to replace a few main devices with these, the budget is just not available at this time.

    Donald Sharp, NRP
    Network Administrator II

  • 2.  RE: SSG140 Firmware

    Posted 04-04-2024 11:36

    I have (2) SSG-140s in service and can probably help you out. 

    Contact me in a DM for more information.



    Ben Kamen