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  • 1.  SRX320 DHCP Printer issues

    Posted 11-21-2023 17:44

    Shooting this out there before I elevate. Here is the very strange issues we are having upgrading to SRX320 from a 220. We have workstations and laptops connecting to our DHCP pool of reservations and work fine. We added the proper VLAN/ IRB for printers, however in our DHCP packet capture its looking like :

    1. SRX DHCP sends discovery
    2. DHCP server rcvs sends back offer/request portion
    3. Lastly the SRX320 has the ARP table updated , and then printer never gets IP or is it blocked at interface ? 

    Very strange issue, we set the printer to static and it works fine , however it only seems to be trying to indicate DHCP request back it doesn't work


  • 2.  RE: SRX320 DHCP Printer issues

    Posted 11-22-2023 04:06

    Hi Ryan,

    Are you able to share the SRX configuration ? (interface + filters (if applicable)  and please also include the zone-configuration (the printer is in) and security-policies where applicable.

    (Did you allow in the zone the dhcp traffic ? )



    Marcel ten Berg

    Solution Architect
    Juniper Networks

  • 3.  RE: SRX320 DHCP Printer issues

    Posted 11-22-2023 10:23

    Greetings Marcel, 

    I wish that I could however I work for a DOD client and can't.  To answer your questions, yes all the general DHCP filters have been set have been checked and  and we took off any filters that could possibly prevent DHCP at all. We have the IRB zones set for DHCP and the vlans. We can get any other device working on the interface , Laptops with no issues. It seems to only be these printers that are not working . A little background our working config was pulled off a SRX220 and applied. We had to reconfigure for IRB's , and as of now everything works on the interface as it should except trying to use DHCP for the printer. 


  • 4.  RE: SRX320 DHCP Printer issues

    Posted 11-23-2023 06:36

    You should verify that you've got dhcp allowed under [edit security zones security-zone xxx]

    Also if the DHCP service on the SRX is assigning a static IP check that the hardware MAC address and IP address are defined under the DHCP pool.

    Does "show dhcp server binding" on the SRX show the binding?