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  • 1.  SRX IPv6

    Posted 11-08-2022 10:34

    Hello guys. This is my first interaction.

    I have a SRX300. I am need receive IPv6 Prefix via interface pp0 and redistribuite this on bridge lan. As can do it?

    Guilherme Rigueti

  • 2.  RE: SRX IPv6

    Posted 12-01-2022 04:30

    Short: yes! a bit depending on how your Service Provider is handing out "IPv6" allocations (SLAAC / dhcpv6-pd)..

    Pp0 configuration for IPv6:

      family inet6 {
            dhcpv6-client {
                client-type stateful;
                client-ia-type ia-pd;
                client-identifier duid-type duid-ll;
                req-option dns-server;
                retransmission-attempt 9;
                inactive: update-router-advertisement {
                    interface irb.3 {
                        max-advertisement-interval 20;
    } }

    The default-gateway for IPv6 should point to your ISP:

    set routing-options rib inet6.0 static route ::/0 next-hop pp0.0

    Of course the IPv6 Routing-engine should be enabled:

    set security forwarding-options family inet6 mode flow-based

    And the DHCPv6 service should be allowed on the untrust zone and the interface pp0.0 be

    part of that zone:

    set security zones security-zone untrust interfaces pp0.0
    set security zones security-zone untrust host-inbound-traffic system-
    services dhcpv6
    Hope this helps a bit

    Marcel ten Berg

    Solution Architect
    Juniper Networks

  • 3.  RE: SRX IPv6

    Posted 12-06-2022 20:01

    Hi Marcel. Thanks by reponse.

    I will deploy it this way and follow feedback results.

    Guilherme Rigueti