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SR MPLS L2VPNs l2circuit and VPLS

  • 1.  SR MPLS L2VPNs l2circuit and VPLS

    Posted 11-17-2021 05:33
    I am looking at ISIS/SR MPLS as a replacement to MPLS with OSPF/LDP. I cannot find any configuration examples on how to get l2circuit and VPLS to use SR MPLS.  I have connected 2 ACX5448-D routers together, configured them based off of the Day One book on segment routing. The book itself does not provide any details related to L2VPNs. The routers can see each of their loopbacks in the inet.3 table but the VPLS complains about OL, no outgoing label.  As soon as I turn on LDP, the VPLS comes online. I need some guidance as SR MPLS is very new to me.

    Pablo Huerta