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Simplest SSR routing problem

  • 1.  Simplest SSR routing problem

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous
    Posted 10-14-2022 11:05
    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

    I am a software developer; a little weak in the network administrator area.  I have set up a standalone SSR (no conductor, no HA peer) on my laptop in a VMWare Workstation VM. I have one designated WAN port that connects via DHCP to my company LAB network LAN (  I have taken another LAN port and configured it with a DHCP server (  I plugged another device into the LAN port, and it auto-configured with an IP, gateway, route/default route, and DNS resolver.  The LAN device can ping its DNS server (, but I want it to be able to get out to the internet.

    So, following the setup instructions here (, I set up the "internet" service route and applied the other assignments as described (adjusting for my naming differences).

    However, my LAN test device is not routed out the WAN to the internet.

    I believe this is the simplest possible configuration.  Can anyone help me with this?  I'd also love some troubleshooting tips too.


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