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  • 1.  Show mac address for all devices connected to port

    Posted 06-01-2022 17:47

    I am trying to see if Juniper has a similar command to show device mac addresses when devices are connected to a VOIP phone and then to the switchport.

    In the Cisco world a similar command will show both the mac address of the phone and the computer on the other end.

    I have found show ethernet-switching table, however it only shows the one

    root@sw-trial-1> show ethernet-switching table | match ge-0/0/12.0
    default d4:dc:09:19:94:43 D - ge-0/0/12.0 0 0

    show mac address-table interface g1/0/3
    Mac Address Table

    Vlan Mac Address Type Ports
    ---- ----------- -------- -----
    1 c81f.ead7.699a DYNAMIC Gi1/0/3
    500 c81f.ead7.699a DYNAMIC Gi1/0/3


  • 2.  RE: Show mac address for all devices connected to port
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-03-2022 06:24

    I would say that you are close. This command should do the trick (but your should list it as well):
    show ethernet-switching table interface ge-0/0/27