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  • 1.  RPM 802.1p/pbit override

    Posted 10-07-2022 04:23

    I try to modify the 802.1p COS marking of RPM probes which by default is 6.  I am using MX and ACX 2100. I tried several things but none of them is working: 

    - in the probe config, we can set a DSCP value, it is working but there is no option for 802.1p value
    - I created a loopback filter to match RPM packets, and put them in the AF4x class of service. I have a rewrite 802.1p configured on my outbound interface matching AF4x and rewrtting 802.1p values to 4. that does not work either.  It looks like the packets are being forwarded in the correct class of service / queue however the rewrite is not done and the 802.1p stays at 6. 

      I know there is the option to mark all outgoing routing-engine values with host-outbound-traffic in class-of-service but I only want to remark the probes, not everything else. 

    Has someone got an idea of how to achieve this?